Augfie - Augmented Reality powered selfie pictures & videos

Learn more about Augfie technology and how to create picture and video selfie content using Augmented Reality.

How does it work?

How to take an Augfie?

If you already have an app with Augfie technology, the rest is pretty easy. Just have a look:

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Custom Software Development

Augfie Photobox for Professionals

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions about Augfie technology? Maybe one of these can help:

iOS: Augfie technology works on all iPhones starting at 6s (and most newer iPads) with iOS 11 and later.
Android: If your phone is on the following list, it will support AR 100%: Supported Devices
Older Android devices starting at Android 5 might not work 100%, just try it.

In case you don't see the AR template you picked to take a picture or video, please rest your finger on the screen for a second. The template will appear right there.

You can pinch & zoom the template to the size you like.

Open a single picture or video in My Augfies, you will see a share icon. The share icon will open the native sharing dialogue of the device, pick any of the options presented to you.

On Android devices Google ARCore enhances the AR capabilities of your device. Augfie apps will function without it but it will function better with ARCore installed. And it does no harm otherwise.

Apps with Augfie technology integrated are usually free, the AR template packages inside the apps can be free or available for a small fee.

Please rest your finger directly on the AR template and move it around on your device screen.

To record a video rest your finger on the video recording button, releasing it will stop the recording. You can record up to 10 seconds.

In Snap Mode you can switch to the front camera via the swap camera symbol. The front camera of a phone/tablet has no AR capabilities but you can still move the AR templates around and take pictures/videos.